The College of Policing has introduced direct entry points into the police service at the ranks of inspector and superintendent.

The direct entry inspector and superintendent training and development programmes are a fundamental and crucial change to bring new perspectives, skills and experience into the police service, which will help us deliver a service which is professional, efficient and one capable of dealing with the growing pressures of today and beyond.

Unfortunately, Gwent Police are not currently open for direct entry.

The Direct Entry Inspector Programme offers you thorough training and excellent support as you begin your career within the police service. With existing leadership skills, you'll develop your management abilities and gain real policing skills. At the end of this comprehensive 24-month programme, you'll be a uniformed operational inspector - positively impacting policing, the local community and wider society.  

The programme is designed to challenge you, so while there's no need to have experience within policing, it's essential that you're ambitious, resilient and determined. You'll also need to be realistic about the shift work. Being a police officer is not a nine-to-five job and the hours can often be unpredictable. To really thrive on this programme, you'll need to be flexible and willing to adapt.   

You've already proven that you're a strong, effective and creative leader - ready to put bold solutions in place. The Direct Entry Superintendent Programme offers you the chance to harness these skills and join a prestigious rank. Within just 18 months, you'll complete an exceptional development plan and work within the top 1% of officers in the police service.

Policing is constantly adapting to changing needs, which is why we need fresh ideas and new perspectives. Forward-thinking, ambitious and resilient, you'll relish the challenges that come with the role. With a completely different background to policing, your perspectives will be invaluable, and you'll use your strategic experience to positively impact the community. 

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