1. What to expect as a victim or witness of a crime
2. What happens after you report a crime?
3. Victims' Right to Review scheme
4. Giving a witness or victim statement
5. Going to court
6. What happens after the trial?
7. Victim and witness support organisations

Victim Support

A national charity dedicated to helping anyone affected by crime to cope with and recover from their experience. It offers services not only to victims and witnesses, but also to their friends and family.

If it doesn't have an office in your area, it can point you to local help.

It also runs My Support Space, a free, safe, secure and confidential space where you can choose how you want to be supported. Register for My Support Space - it's quick and easy.

Citizens Advice Witness Service

A national charity and network of local charities offering confidential advice online, over the phone, and in person, for free.

If you’re a witness at a criminal court in England or Wales, you can get free and independent support from the Citizens Advice Witness Service. It doesn’t matter who you’re a witness for, you can still get help.

Victim and witness information

A website that helps victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales. It has information on what happens after reporting a crime, the people you might meet, the support you should get and how to complain if something goes wrong.

Local support

Connect Gwent is a multi-agency victims’ hub that brings together a range of organisations to provide support to those affected by crime in Gwent.

The Victim Care Unit

The Victim Care Unit will contact you following a crime or incident of anti-social behaviour to discuss and arrange any support you may require. They will also provide you with information about your rights as a victim and what to expect from the criminal justice system. If there is an ongoing investigation you will be allocated a Victim Care Officer who will act as your central point of contact and ensure you receive regular updates about the investigation. In some circumstances a specialist officer will contact you rather than the Victim Care Unit.