The Community Cohesion Group will play an important role in scrutinising the policies and processes delivered by Gwent Police.

This Group will support the work of the Independent Advisory Group (IAG), which were established by each Police Force across England and Wales in response to findings from the Stephen Lawrence Enquiry published in 1999.


  • act as a 'Critical Friend' on issues that have an impact on communities within Gwent
  • increase trust and confidence in policing amongst communities
  • provide constructive advice to the organisation on ways to improve service delivery to all communities
  • look at organisational policies, practices and procedures and advise on how they can be improved
  • advise the Police on how we can best engage with our communities on an ongoing basis
  • encourage just and fair relations between Gwent Police and the communities of Gwent
  • offer a link to communities that have not previously had appropriate opportunities to engage positively with Gwent Police in order to act as 'Critical Friends'
  • provide advice from a community perspective on policing activities, procedures and initiatives.

Membership of the CCG is on a voluntary basis.


  • attend CCG meetings (usually on a quarterly basis)
  • be prepared to work on a diverse range of issues that affect police and community relations
  • provide advice on a range of policing issues which impact on the community, including:
    • communications
    • police training
    • neighbourhood policing
    • community relations
    • police response
    • stop and search
  • maintain appropriate and accountable links with the relevant communities and/or groups that you are representative of
  • provide independent advice on matters of community and policing interest within Gwent
  • attend and participate in proposed community consultation meetings
  • undertake and contribute to research as and when necessary

These are the key personal qualities and skills that you will need to enable you to carry out the role of Community Cohesion Group Member.

It is important that you are able to:

  • contribute the time, energy and commitment to attend meetings regularly
  • listen to and consider other people’s views and opinions
  • question and challenge the views of others in a constructive way
  • consider your own values and beliefs
  • be open to change
  • express your views and opinions confidently
  • work as part of a team and contribute to the success of a group initiative
  • work with all communities across the Gwent area
  • contribute to influence policing strategy, policy and training.

It would also be useful if you have experience of:

  • working as a team with other people on issues of mutual interest (e.g. voluntary work)
  • sharing your views and understanding of issues with others (e.g. in a family, community or work setting)
  • situations where you needed to compromise
  • balancing commitments and time in an effective manner
  • making decisions as part of a team or group.

We are looking for representatives who reflect all the communities that we have within Gwent. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from people who are representative of:

  • eastern European communities
  • black, Asian and minority ethnic communities
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, communities
  • gypsy / travellers
  • asylum seekers and refugees
  • older and young people
  • people with disabilities
  • Welsh speakers and learners
  • faith based communities.

You do not need any legal experience or knowledge of policing practices, but you do need to be passionate about ensuring your community’s voice is heard and committed to making a difference to the way that policing services are delivered.

It would also be helpful if you have strong links with a particular community within the Gwent area that you will be able to consult with on our behalf and feedback any concerns that arise.

The CCG will have up to 30 representatives and all applications received will be reviewed by existing members, together with senior Police representatives.

Please email the address below and ask for an application pack.
Please let us know if you require a large print, Braille or Welsh language version.

Please send your enquiry email to: Gareth Hughes, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at: [email protected]